Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Table of demangling code characters
The following special characters are used in mangling:
Indicates a C array type.
Encodes the C bool type, and the Java boolean type.
Encodes the C char type, and the Java byte type.
A modifier to indicate a const type. Also used to indicate a const member function (in which cases it precedes the encoding of the method's class).
Encodes the C and Java double types.
Indicates extra unknown arguments ....
Encodes the C and Java float types.
Used to indicate a function type.
Used to indicate a template function.
Encodes the C and Java int types.
Indicates a complex type.
Encodes the C long type.
Indicates a pointer type. Followed by the type pointed to.
Used to mangle qualified names, which arise from nested classes. Should also be used for namespaces (?). In Java used to mangle package-qualified names, and inner classes.
Encodes the GNU C long double type.
Indicates a reference type. Followed by the referenced type.
Encodes the C and java short types.
A modifier that indicates that the following integer type is signed. Only used with char. Also used as a modifier to indicate a static member function.
Indicates a tem


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