Monday, March 11, 2002

The DotGNU FAQ Licensing issues

3.00 What software licenses does DotGNU use?

All official software development projects of the DotGNU
meta-project use the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL).
For Libraries which are intended to be linked with third-party
programs that may not have a GPL-compatible license, as a special
exception such linking is allowed.

3.01 Does the linking exception carry over to derivative works?

If you create a derivative work of pnetlib or any library which is
licensed as "GPL plus linking exception", then it is up to you
whether want the linking exception to carry over to your derivative
work. If you leave the exception in the text, then it applies to
your version.

3.02 What about programs which access each other through network
protocols. Is that a form of linking?

No. A GPL'd program can use any kind of webservice regardless
of how the webservice software is licensed, and GPL'd webservice
software can be used by any program regardless of that program's