Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Pietrzak.Org update: 3/14/2001 I've found some projects working very nearly along the same lines as mine. The Software Development Foundation (SDS) is a system supporting analysis and manipulation of source code in multiple languages, based on an XML format for storage and inter-communication between SDS-compliant tools. Very much like my own design! Also, the Synopsis project describes itself as a code documentation tool with support for multiple languages; perhaps not as ambitious at SDS or my DCT, but more achievable... I may need to think about alliances with or support of these efforts. Along similar lines, the Introspector project, rather than create a new code analysis tool, seeks to augment the existing GCC compiler system to store the information needed for analysis tasks -- potentially leveraging the depth of GCC to create a system more powerful than any individual tool.
update: 7/1/2001 Well, it's been a while. I've had my brain stuck inside the guts of the C Macro preprocessor for some time now, but I've finally been able to get some things working. As such, I now have a web-page up that exercises some elements of the DCT. (Please be patient when viewing that page; it is running a hacked-up version of an experimental piece of software on an old x86 box with inadequate resources...)


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