Thursday, July 18, 2002

Hey All,

I've been silent for a while on the topic of tools. I've been cranking
away getting the last pieces in place, and they finally work. I was
able to get 75% of the automation in place pretty simply, but then I
wanted to do the other 25% and it required some thinking, some trial
and error (mostly error), and a lot of coding.

Anyway, it's done:

All tests successful.
Files=126, Tests=828, 15 wallclock secs (11.22 cusr 2.11 csys = 13.33 CPU)

That would means the Bio::MAGE::* hierarchy has 126 test files (one
per class) with 828 total regression tests, and they all passed,

Tool Inventory:

* perl module that rips pieces out of an XMI file, and
maintains the information in an internal data structure

* a perl script that converts the internal data
structure into XML files:
- either one large file with all the classes
- individual files, one per class
- package files that contain all classes for a package.

* a perl script that takes XML files created
using and outputs perl classes, makefiles, and
regression tests. The classes can be output in different ways:
- as packages: all classes belonging to the package are written to
the same package module
- as individ