Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Google Blacklisting of my Post on "Why the semantic web cannot work"

I would like to complain about google blacklisting my post on the search results.
"No, Google I Don't mean" on the Google Blogsearch
does not return my post.

"Why the semantic web cannot work" also nothing.

Searching on Blogger Com returns 3 hits including one reference to me.

I even made the quote of the day :
QOTD : pants
The reason why the semantic web cannot work is that it cannot be used to trick people into looking at pay porn sites. - Mike Dupont
from Danny Ayers | Langemarks Cafe

Now, yahoo does much better!

Msn Even finds a related post :


Here Comes the Semantic Web?
Although many skeptics point to the historical failure of Strong Artificial Intelligence and the logical inconsistencies of human consensual reality as reasons why the Semantic Web cannot work, my view is that the Semantic Web is going to be bigger than Google in terms of its ultimate impact on civilization. It will be monstrous. Huge. We cannot even predict what it will be used for...
article w/links
---I lived and worked most of my life with people with cognitive and language disorders. I think I've an idea what interacting with the Semantic Web will be like.
Posted by Cieciel at 02:44 AM