Monday, March 11, 2002

Question 4: Should someone work on a GCC front-end to C#?
I would love if someone does, and we would love to help anyone that takes on that task, but we do not have the time or expertise to build a C# compiler with the GCC engine. I find it a lot more fun personally to work on C# on a C# compiler, which has an intrinsic beauty.
We can provide help and assistance to anyone who would like to work on this task.
Question 5: Should someone make a GCC backend that will generate CIL images?
I would love to see a backend to GCC that generates CIL images. It would provide a ton of free compilers that would generate CIL code. This is something that people would want to look into anyways for Windows interoperation in the future.
Again, we would love to provide help and assistance to anyone interested in working in such a project.
Question 6: What about making a front-end to GCC that takes CIL images and generates native code?
I would love to see this, specially since GCC supports this same feature for Java Byte Codes. You could use the metadata library from Mono to read the byte codes (ie, this would be your "front-end") and generate the trees that get passed to the optimizer.
Ideally our implementation of the CLI will be available as a shared library that could be linked with your application as its runtime support.
Again, we would love to provide help and assistance to anyone interested in working2


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