Thursday, June 27, 2002

Comp.compilers: Re: Generating Java Bytecode > [Before you head down this path, you really should look at the
> history and learn why all the previous UNCOL projects failed. They
> all looked great with one or two input languages and targets, then
> collapsed of heat death when they tried to generalize more. -John]

Has this happened to ANDF yet? ANDF strikes me (as an idea; I have no
experience of it in practice) as a Good Thing, because it keeps lots
of high-level information which is of potential use in producing
machine code from ANDF. For example, although array bounds checks
would be lovely, I'd like my final code to contain very few of them,
particularly inside loops! I can imagine it being difficult to safely
remove bounds checks in a poorly designed bytecode: one would
potentially have to reconstruct the loops and things.

On the other hand, ANDF probably isn't appropriate for chips to execute.
[Haven't heard much about ANDF lately, perhaps Stavros M. can point us
at recent info. -John]


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