Thursday, August 22, 2002

ITCSL: DAMLJessKB This software is intended to facilitate reading DAML files, interpreting the information as per the DAML language, and allowing the user to query on that information. In this software we leverage the existing RDF API (SiRPAC) to read in the DAML file as a collection of RDF triples. We use Jess (Java Expert System Shell) as a forward chaining production system which carries out the rules of the DAML language. The core Jess language is compatible with CLIPS and this work might be portable to that system. A similar approach is taken by DAML API, they also hook RDF API into Jess. However the bridge they use between the two is a little different and at the moment less complete in at least the publicly available version. Also, the SWI Prolog distribution includes a package to parse RDF and assert as Prolog facts. It should be possible to create a series of Prolog rules similar to the Jess rules used here and leverage that package to create a similar unit for Prolog.


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