Thursday, August 22, 2002

NyktOP Project - Source Languages schema
(only in .pre; implicite in other generators) used as a form of directories to give a better overview of the different classes. Has its roots in Smalltalk categories. Used in C generator to make smaller source dirs.(In MOOSE they can be connected and thus U can decide) to generate certain components)basetype / simpletype
(not in awkinput) Used to define another type for non-structured attributes. Basetypes should be builtin to the generators (Boolean, String), Simpletypes user defined.enumerator
(not in awkinput) Used to define an enumeration type (relevant mainly for C , but very usable also in TCL)foreignclass
(only in .pre) Used to define a class, that must not be generated - e.g. from an external class library used as a type for attributes.record
(only in .pre) very similar to class, but can't define connections; used as a type for structured attributes.array / dynarray
(only in .pre) very similar to record, except that it contains an additional array functionality: U can access an indexed value.class
the most relevant structure for the generators. Thus we show a list of its most common subcomponents:

parent / parents
name(s) of the supertype(s) (multiple only in .pre-ul)schema
name of the schema, this class resides in.attribute
(slottype) define an attribute.reference
(slottype) define an single-sided reference (no support on target side needed).connection
(slottype) define an double-sided connection (the partner/target-object needs to support a responding slot).method
(slottype, only in .pre) define a new method in the class (used only for the C generator).
(only in .pre) define a module; may e.g. be used to include components, that do not fit into NyktOP class hierarchies, like old (ansi) C libraries.