Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Need for a spamfilter directly into firefox and to use fact++ as a box engine to box in spam.

I would like to ask you to listen to what I think is my new idea :

A new firefox browser plugin that finds spammers and allows you to augment your html elements with an overwrite the class to class=spam to content that is spam, even apply user defined stylesheets to it like to make it smaller or red, etc. Advertising could also be tagged as such. Interesting content as well.
Javascript snippets as well.

The key to making this as a semantic web application is the YouTube effect allowing people to post the best spam rules and earn the most recommends.
Some people will add the new alias of a yahoo spammer via a simple xslt script that generates a web2.0 enhanced stylesheet javascript and a virtual server where the reasoning engines lives and earn a couple of xp. Others who create intelligent spamrules that cover whole classes of spam and will rise to the top of the spammer hackers community.

Others will setup servers and rent professional space where these reasoning engines live and provide them with large caches for running efficent lookups. These servers will run the forground web2.0 process for the users, allowing them to antispam and filter and deliver the web content. It will be sliced into parts and dissected. Then served to you in a steady stream of data context pages each containing logically related data that is cached together. Execution contexts. Basically a program that is executed on your computer that you trust.

I want to have an ssh server that I connect to or some way to prevent my web accounts from being accessed by someone else. For example, If I know that I wont access my webmail except from one computer, then I can add in such a rule. It could be changed from the administration interface that can access in a more advanced way. If yahoo agrees to allow me to limit access.

The whole point is that the common man will be willing to pay a small price for a n secure private antispam webhost filter that he could use anywhere. They would pay rent for servers that run web2.0 apps for them from anywhere.

This announcing of just an idea, limiting it to firefox and using free/open source software is a strategy that requires no risk and protects community assets.

What is more valuable to mankind than reliable and up to date information.
If we consider free/open source as the best way to create a web of trust and honor among mankind and unite all people then we must see that it is also creating an incredible capital potential, up to date and reliable information. Each line of source code is a statement about some real or abstract thing that is described.
When source code is published under an free/open source license then it is accessable from around the world and for all times as a free item. It has the potential to solve very many problems and add a positive gain to the economy. Thus the economic impact of free software is great.
It does not have a paying lobby, like other software giants, which is why most big conservative newspapers dont report on them often or in postive light. You never see much intelligent analysis of open source by the economist. Unless it is something that has muscle like oracle, and willing to post full page adds, you dont get much press.

Just look at the wikipedia. It is the most visited page in germany, more than youtube according to the FrankfurterAllegemeineZeitung today. That shows you how open ideas are more important than just entertainment. Wikipedia is a platform for people with something to say. This antispam system should be as well.

The semantic web ontology engines, there are many of them, cwm from timbl written in python, pellet written in java, fact++ written in c++ could be added in to allow users process the results of the bayesen filter themselves as an rdf datastream. Using an open source project means that you can also get a hosting at sourceforge for free and run example servers on there.

Users would be abler to define and share spam ontologies.

Those ontologies could be used to augment the editing of the spam. The existing bayes spamfilter could be used to view as each web page as an email being sent from the person who the antispam software thinks is the originator the sender of the message. We would try and trace each part of a webpage to its originator, examine its url content and match that against our spam database.

So you would allow people to define thier own own rules in a web 2.0 environment.

All this information can be also defined in a web 2.0 environment, imagine an very cool web 2.0 spam ontology editor app that would allow you to share your spam rules with other people.

Other ontologies would be used to describe the network of interlinked servers and paths the spammers use to hide themselfs.

This ideas came from my original intent on mentioning of the need for yahoo anti spam software to filter out messages that are sent 2 years in the future.
I Needed to manually filter out messages sent from my yahoo mail sent in 2008!
I also Need to filter out messages in many other languages that I dont speak.
Infact it would be great to build antispam directly into firefox.



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