Thursday, June 27, 2002

SRC Modula-3 home page C Modula-3
This region of the web describes SRC Modula-3 -- a Modula-3 compiler for Unix, Windows/NT, and Windows 95 -- and the terms under which it is distributed.
SRC Modula-3 was built by the DEC Systems Reseach Center and is available via anonymous ftp from in pub/DEC/Modula-3/release-X.Y and its mirrors.
The distribution contains a Modula-3 compiler and runtime, a large set of libraries, and a few other tools. On the Unix platforms, the compiler uses a gcc-based back-end and should be fairly easy to port. On the Win32 platforms, the compiler uses a native code generator. Except for the very lowest levels of the thread implementation, the entire system is written in Modula-3.
The original compiler and runtime system were designed and implemented by Bill Kalsow and Eric Muller. The system should be of interest to two camps: those interested in trying out Modula-3 and those interested in compiler hacking.


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