Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Summit Systems API Wikipedia Node launched

Press Release : call for public participation in documenting the summit systems api.

I call out to all the people who want to know more about the summit systems API to pitch in and help add in new links and web snippets to the article.

here is one part of it :

Summit API Package Names

  • API Toolkit
  • Accounting API
  • Risk API
  • Hedge API
  • Cash Flow
  • Documentation/Document
  • Financial Toolkit
  • Gateway
  • Interface
  • Loader Server/OpenLoader
  • Open DSAPI
  • ValueList
is this correct? please update the wiki

We need to find people who have this precious knowledge to help explain what this whole thing is and how it works.


The wikipedia is a good place because we can combine the terms from finance and computing into the model expressed in the wiki.

The reason for the blog post is to get it into the rss feeds, wikipedia content is not that quickly indexed.