Thursday, June 27, 2002

Re: Converting the gcc backend to a library?
In message <>you write:
> > I submitted a patch in 1994, which turns the gcc backend into a
> > library. I was told that it would lead to the gcc backend based
> > commercial compiler. I am enclosing my ChangeLog here. I guess
> > I can recreate it if I won't waste my time this time.
> I hope this objection is not valid anymore (if it ever was). If if the
> gcc backend is a library, derived compilers would still have to be
> licensed under the GPL. And if somebody wants to produce a commercial
> compiler that is available under GPL terms, so be it. I know companies
> who do this right know...
If it takes a significant step towards the ability to turn the backend into
a shared library, then it has that kind of potential. Changes of that nature
would have to be OK'd by the steering committee, not any individual maintainer
due to the political issues.


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