Sunday, November 12, 2006

Saved the GNU Choo Choo from MSN/M$/Ximian/Novell/Suse

MSN has taken my BLOG offline for some reason.

my link is broke
I get an access denyed
but the page still lives in google :

This was saved from the google cache:

December 08

The GNU Choo Choo

see see for lyrics for lyrics

pardon me boy, is that the GNU choo choo ?

can you afford to board the GNU choo choo?

you leave the M****$oft station at quarter to four

when you hear the whistle blowing at eight to the bar, then you know that hurd os cannot be far!

shovel all the code in, got to keep committing

Ohhhhhh GNU Choo choo there you are!

Theres going to be a certain party at the station

RMS is going to cry until I promise to never say open source

GNU Choo choo.... oh there you are..


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