Sunday, November 12, 2006

Saving "Insane in the Kernel" from chat

you can see a draft of my song on the gentoo site :
so i wrote a little song
to the tune of insane in the membrane
from cypress hill
lyrics :
Insane in the kernel
insane in the shell
a hacker like me is going insane
insane in the kernel, insane in the shell
Like stallman hacked that emacs
I'll code this here script
and release you an rpm
soon i gotta get my cvs update
Microsoft trys and patent my code
these crackers want to root my server
head underground to the next project
they get mad when they come to raid my server
and i take off in my ssh -C connection
Yeah, i am the hacker
the pilot of the this here project
when i dream of the ultraviolet software
and hide from the microsoft cronies
Now do you belive in the unseen?
Look, but dont make your eyes strain
a hacker like me is going insane
insane in the kernel, insane in the shell
wtf !?


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