Saturday, March 23, 2002

I have been reading about C#, DOTNET and DOTGNU.
C# has some interesting language structures
1. Delegates as Function Pointers
2. Reflection of types
3. Indexes as collection operators.
4. Pointers via unsafe code.

WikiWeb looks kinda interesting to use as the basis for a web page.

I am thinking about what I can do with only a computer without all the development tools installed.
what can I do from this computer here?

Java Script? Web Pages?
What about a function to decorate the trees into webpages?

We select the data we need to output.
First we split the tree into windows.
Then put all the nodes in a window into a XML Document.
Then we traverse that document and create windows or decorations for the nodes.
Then we creates HTML from the XML.
We push as much as possible onto style sheets and java script to display the data.

The orignal source code can be outputted, with the tree nodes interspersed between them.
A prototype can be build by hand of the possible output.