Wednesday, July 17, 2002

ASPN : Modules GraphViz 1.4
Interface to the GraphViz graphing tool

Hyper Perl HyperPerl is a variant of WikiWikiWeb inspired by DonKnuth's LiterateProgramming. It is supported by two programs, both offered as cgi script...
wiki base -- browse & edit the hypertext source
hp -- extract a straight program by traversing the source
The extractor defines the rules of hyper perl. Right now it simply grabs preformatted text. [How is a Here file represented?] Links found in that text refer to nodes that should be processed in advance of the current node since they probably refer to ...
header comments
constant definitions
subroutine definitions
The extractor will soon offer forms to control its expansion. This will provide ...
fill-in-the-blanks for parameterization
check-boxes for conditional configuration

Graph Viz This is my first attempt to use GraphViz to trace links on wiki. Here I chose to follow the links to the two largest pages cited on any given page. I'm thinking the two most recently edited pages might be an even better choice. -- WardCunningham

Generic Pretty-Printing (Under Construction) The generic pretty-printer packages inludes tools for unparsing and pretty-printing (formatting) parse trees of any context-free grammar represented in AsFix. The language independent markup language Box is used to connect source language dependent front-ends to target language dependent back-ends. A front-end translates a term over a language to Box, to describe its intended layout. A back-end translates a Box term to some output format. Currently, the system supports translations from Box to AsFix, (ASCII) Text, LATEX, and HTML. This generic framework of front-ends and back-ends is depicted in the figure above.

Comp.compilers: yaccviso 1.0 - a tool for visualizing yacc/bison grammars YaccViso is a tool for visualizing dependencies of non terminal and
terminal symbols in a yacc grammar. If you do not know what yacc is
then you probably won't need YaccViso. It is thus a tool specifically
designed for people who write compilers with yacc who work on large
grammar files.