Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Preparation for presentation

I will be giving a short lightning presentation on the introspector on Sunday the 27th of Feburay at the FOSDEM.

I want to give an overview of the presentation, also for me to collect my thoughts and give focus on the important aspects of the project. Here is my current outline :
  1. Motivation and History
    1. Usage of DBASE and code generators
    2. Creating of repetitive code for C structures
    3. Working on OEW, Object Engineering Workbench
    4. Looking into the GCC
    5. Creation of a C++ interface
    6. Trying to create Dumper
    7. Experiments with Prolog
    8. Experiments with XML / Perl
    9. Creation of ICE Cube Prototype
    10. Usage of RDF, Redland
    11. Experiments with modelling DotGNU, Python, M4, Bash
    12. Experiments with CWM
    13. Experiments with EulerSharp
    14. Creation of an Ontology
    15. Creation of new perl interface for dumping
    16. Creation of high speed ICECUBE representation
    17. Clearer definition of project scope
  2. Architecture, Overview and Processing Model
    1. Extraction of Reflection Data from Source Language
      1. Creation of Graph Traversal of internal data structure
      2. External Representation of Graph as RDF
      3. Compression of RDF into a vector of Statements
      4. Reduction of the cardinality of the Subjects
      5. Creation of Subject Types
      6. Finding of Rools
      7. Relating Software on to RDF
    2. Compression of data
    3. Relating of Source Code to Semantic Web
      1. Source Code association to Comments like with Doxygen
      2. Source Code association to Bugs, Feature requests
      3. Source Code association to CVS changesets
      4. Source Code association to Authors
      5. Relationships between Versions of source files
      6. Relationship between Source Code and Specification Documents
      7. Relationship between identifiers and WordNet
  3. Other related Projects
    1. OpenC++
    2. Stratego
    3. LLVM
    4. See others on the WIKI and WIKIPEDIA
  4. Basis Technology
    1. GCC -fDumpTranslationUnits
    2. RDF
      1. Redland
      2. CWM
    3. Perl/Bash/TextUtils
    4. VCG/GraphViz
  5. Future Directions
    1. Lapack/Scalapack/Octave
    2. PostGres/MySql repository
    3. DotGNU interface
  6. Current Progress
    1. Crystalized GCC Concepts
      1. File
      2. Declaration
      3. Type
      4. Size
      5. Chain
    2. New Concepts
      1. Global Statement Vector
      1. Global Subject Vector
      1. Subject Types
      2. Super Types
      3. Roots and Contexts
      4. Relationships beween Context Graphs
  7. How Can You Help
      1. Testing
      2. Documenting
      3. Packaging
      4. Command Line Processing
      5. Better Dump Format