Thursday, July 07, 2005

vcg bary rewrite underway

I have been working on rewriting and decoding the bary routines from vcg.

here is the snapshot :

unwind introspector

Long time no blog, because I have been offline for months. Now I have a DSL connection and can publish some of my files.
  1. Created a new libintrospector that is part of the gcc-4.0
    1. it is not finished, but a work in progress.
    2. Started with the printf introspection, replaced all the printfs in the gcc with a new printf introspector function. This will be using the unwind introspector to create an intelligent stacktrace.
    1. Removed the dependancy on raptor and redland,
      1. There is not a need for the full redland and raptor functionality in the gcc core for now.
      1. replaced the implementation with empty stubs.
      1. will be able to store the rdf data in dwarf2 format and later convert the full dwarf2 data into rdf.
  2. Started on unwind introspector, a new implementation of lib unwind for the that includes a better dwarf2 support.
    1. Extracted the routines from libunwind that are needed to only decode the stack.
    2. Made a simple method for converting the dwarf sections into data sections that are loaded into the image. this simplified access to the dwarf data and eliminates the need for libelf. Moving the dwarf decoding routines into the program.
You can find the first steps here:

unwind introspector: