Monday, February 19, 2007

enterprise introspector restarted

As some of you who know me longer, I have long dreamed of introspector functionality for the enterprise.

The challege is to have enough information about your business so that you can reference your data files against it.

After the process of converting my older ontologies into swoop ones, the cleaning up of my original work to collect and understand business software

I am using sql-ledger as an example of how the full application stack of a enterprise application can be introspected.

I have opened up a sourceforge feature request for posting the files.

We have a raw database model extracted with a small tool using the DB-Introspector . Here is a mini owl mode for the database, separated out so that it can be updated later.

so far, I have an mini owl model for the business, which I should describe better .

basically, I split the tables into entities, relationships, and resource descriptors and physical resources.

transactions are just relationships over time. projects are just long (recursive) transactions.

an address is just a resource descriptor.

I will continue posting more and more data about sql-ledger as this project continues.

here are some of my plans :
create a model of the menu system in owl. be able to addresss each menu point in some business workflow.

create a test case for each menu system that collects the form data for each menu. capture a trace of the entire application stack.

be able to reference each part of the trace to each part of the ontology.

creation of a owl document that describes each form. be able to show the mapping of the form fields to the database table fields, all the way to the translation strings.

in the end, we should have a rdf descriptor for the entire sql-ledger system.

with that we can then create an rdf descriptor out of a single instance of the system.

hope to hear from you,